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Stuck at stall for 9 weeks

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I am about 9 months post op and have hit a wall. I started at 300 and am down to 235 but cannot break that 230 mark. I have fluctuated between 232 and 238 for the past 9 weeks or so. I;ll get down to 232 and think its on the move again but the next day its back up to 235 or so.
About the only thing I am doing different is probably not getting in as much protein as I used to.
I'm type 2 diabetic and my A1C has dropped from 7.9 to 6.1 which is great, I have went from 100 units of insulin a day to 15 units a day.
My goal is 200 but i'd settle for 220. I just cant seem to get past this wall.
Any ideas out there?

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  1. while.im.still.young's Avatar
    You aren't getting in as much protein... sooooo... what are you getting in in it's place?
  2. Mem's Avatar
    I am in a stall also. It will pass. Good Luck...Mem
  3. SoNotABarbie's Avatar
    Only answer I can think of is and it works is get in your protein and water it helped me when I was at a stall
  4. speedracer's Avatar
    Smaller meals, 5x a day, add protein, and water. Avoid dairy, whats your vitamin intake like?

    Progress so far is good-