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Nervous about my surgery

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I just seen my dietitian, and made my appointment to see her again on Sept 10 and to talk to the surgeon on the same date. Then hopefully find out if I will get approved. I have bad vein in my legs. When I had knee surgery I had a blood clot and now I worried when I have this surgery I will have another blood clot. They are in my superficial veins but very painful. Does anybody else have this problem or had a blood clot from the surgery.

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  1. Melissa222's Avatar
    I just wanted you to know that when I had my surgery they put these knee high sock like cuff things on my legs and feet that squeeze and roll all the way up and down your legs and feet all day and all night while your in the hospital bed and they said they are so a blood clot doesnt form.
  2. RDalton's Avatar
    I also had knee surgery 2 years ago, after which a DVT formed in my calf, and then spread into pulmonary embolisms in my lungs. However - I have since had additional knee surgery, and have my sleeve scheduled for 9/26. They'll likely put the machine on your legs to keep the circulation going, and then maybe have you wear the embolism stockings. You should be fine. The knee was likely due to all the trauma.