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You want Mary Poppins and a fairy tale?

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Then go rent the DVD's

I am so disgusted at newbies saying they over eat, they eat steak two weeks out, crackers, a week out, whatever, they get stabbing pains in their stomach that are horrible but hey they kept on eating and then they get offended when they say "oh gee what's wrong with me why can't I lose weight", and people tell them they are not doing the right things.
Don't ask for opinions if you aren't adult enough to hear the truth people. Jesus Christ.

When I was about a month out I was eating right but I was always low on energy and just hated the heartburn. I whined about it to a gal that was a friend and 7 months out and she have me some very good advice

"Put your big girl panties on and deal with it, you just had major surgery what do you expect dummy" (she actually called me another name but .... lol)

If you are doing something to harm yourself and potentially make you sick would you rather have someone say Oh poor baby here have another bite of food to feel better? lol Apparently that's the majority of thinking here.

Bottom line is if people don't want every opinion good or bad and they want to do what they want anyway then why bother to ask?

Some people seriously need to GROW UP and take responsibility for themselves and know this surgery was a life changing one.

I've never been one to tell people what they want to hear, nope, ask and they will get the truth. Can't handle it? Not my problem

Sheesh - I already have all notifications to this site shut off so that I don't come here and read some of the posts that just disgust me - sure wish I could figure out a way to delete my profile totally.

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  1. bikrchk's Avatar
    Very amusing thread. I'm an intelligent classy well educated woman who says fuck a lot-- Need that on a T shirt!
  2. Janb's Avatar
    I liked the post. It was a kick in the butt, but I needed a kick. I am still in the pre-op diet phase, but I want to print this out for when I get my surgery so that I remember.

    The truth always hurts.
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