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Getting there

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So I'm counting down the days I have 12 more days left until surgery. Excited cuz I have almost reached the goal of losing the 10% body weight before surgery. I completed my last required class yesterday and got weighed, started at 266 not down to 247 only 6lbs more to go....I just started my liquid diet Tuesday...I can do it, I can do it....I hope I can do it...lol

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  1. Melissa222's Avatar
    You can do it!!!
  2. M$Gemini's Avatar
  3. kaygee's Avatar
    If you're on a liquid diet, those last 6 lbs are in the bag. Good luck!!
  4. speedracer's Avatar
    You can do it, best of luck!
  5. tmo1973's Avatar
    You CAN do it! The liquid diet will get you there! Good luck!
  6. M$Gemini's Avatar
    So i went to my pre-op yesterday, happpy i'd reached my goal of losing then 10% weight I needed to lose. As of today im down to 239lbs. and still got 4 more days till my surgery. Almost there.