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4 days post-op and doing great!!!

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Wow, I can't believe that 5 days ago, I was still panicking about whether I was making the right decision or not, and also, I was scared to death.

I had my surgery on Monday. Monday morning went by so fast, it's all a blur now. I went to admitting at 8:30am on Monday, and my surgery was scheduled for 10:30am but was a little late so I was in the O.R. by 11:00. I just remember talking to the anesthesiologist, and the next thing I knew, I was in the recovery room being woken up. It was kind of surreal. I had no nausea or vomiting so I was very happy for that. I did have some moderate gas pains but nothing that I couldn't handle, and the nurses were very on top of getting me my pain meds at the correct times. I was up and walking around the hospital by 3:00 (that's when I got clearance to start moving around, otherwise I would have been up sooner -haha). I walked 3 laps every hour until my hubby went home about 9ish.

The nighttime was a little rough as I couldn't get comfy in the hospital bed, but nothing that was a huge deal. I was just sore in my abdomen and the pain meds only lasted about 2 hours, and then I had to get more. Ugh. So I was up more than not during the night. No biggy though.

My hubby went to work on Tuesday so my mom came in to hang out with me. We pretty much talked and she read while I took a few naps and walked as much as possible. Most of the gas pains were gone at this point so I wasn't worried about getting rid of the gas. The nurses kept telling me that I'm doing really well and that I could go home if I wanted tonight, but I was really worried about leaving the comfort of the hospital. Not that it was comfortable, but knowing that the nurses were right there was a big comfort. I decided to go home when my hubby got off work, so at 6:00 I got picked up and went home.

I'm so glad I did leave because my bed was way better to sleep in than that hospital bed. I've been laying low the last 2 days, sleeping a lot and taking care of my family (2 boys). Today is the first day I've been without pain meds. I think I could have gone off of them yesterday but I was scared.

My abdomen is still sore, but that's about it. I'm working on getting all my fluids and protein in. That's a huge project every day. I've already lost 10 pounds since I started my pre-op diet 12 days ago. Not bad!!! If you are scared like I was, it's really not as bad as you think it's going to be. Go for it!!

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  1. jrenee63's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing this....my surgery will be here before I know it and it's so comforting to here stories such as this.
  2. BigMan1971's Avatar
    Glad everything is going so well. I am on day 10 of my pre op diet and doing good , surgery is next wednseday 8/7/13. Hope mine goes as smooth as yours. :-)
  3. sleevedpeach's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing, my surgery is Monday and I am getting nervous but you just gave me hope.
  4. ahall8499's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your experience. My surgery is also coming up and its so nice to her your POSITIVE story lol. Thanks again
  5. Char75's Avatar
    Glad everything went well! Thank you for sharing Keep up the good work!
  6. lornadoone629's Avatar
    My surgery is on Monday also, so it's nice to hear some positive experiences just before taking the plunge!
  7. reading mom's Avatar
    Glad to hear your recovery is going so smooth! Thanks for the update and welcome to the sleeved side!
  8. dawnrachel's Avatar
    For those of you that have upcoming surgery try not to get too stressed. It's normal of course but soon you will realize that the recovery is really not bad at all. The time you have off work post-op allow you to focus on getting the required intake and be able to walk around at will. You really will be just fine. It won't be long and you will be very happy with your progress.
  9. Laural's Avatar
    So glad everyting went well for you. Reading your story reminded me of mine. I too had gas pains the first night and walked the halls, but got easier each day that passed. Congrats to you!
  10. lisaloves1's Avatar
    Thank you for this post. Thank you, thank you, thank you....I'm going to have my surgery in 3 days and I needed that. haha

    Congratz on your surgery and how you are dealing with it. I remember reading your post a few days ago asking if it gets better and I am so glad it did
  11. whistlerpotpie's Avatar
    So glad everything is going so well. I hope my experience is a smooth as yours!!

    Here's to health and happiness!
  12. ladyleegal's Avatar
    Yup, needed to read your post..having surgery on Tuesday (8/6) not scarred at all but feeling a little anxious about recovery. I had my gall bladder removed laparoscopically (sp?) and besides the vomiting in the evening (at home) from, I think, the pain meds rather than the anesthesia, I was feeling pretty darn good the next day...no gas pains either. Hoping, after reading many posts here, that my recovery is a good as most of yours...thanks all for posting.