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1st post-op meal, and it hurt!!!!! Help!!!

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I had my surgery yesterday and all went well, thank goodness!!! This morning was my first meal, and it takes me forever to get it down!! It also didn't feel too good going down, is this normal!! Please tell me it gets better!!!

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  1. ezell29's Avatar
    What did you have I hope it was just liquid and remember to take sips and give it time to reach your tummy before the next sip.
  2. while.im.still.young's Avatar
    I'm not sleeved yet but I have learned that even liquids can be painful to drink for a few days following surgery. Your tummy is still swollen from the cutting and stapling that was done to it. Try taking smaller and slower sips. I hope it helps! Wishing you a speedy recovery!
  3. speedracer's Avatar
    What was your first post op meal? I was on liquids for 6 weeks after being sleeved. You are on liquids right?
  4. abcmom03's Avatar
    Oh I hope when you say meal you mean "clear liquids"!
  5. luke's Avatar
    Liquids I hope?
  6. Sandiegojill's Avatar
    Yes, I'm on clear liquids!!
  7. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    It surely does hurt as your new tummy is still healing. Slow, steady, and breathing deeply helped me. I also felt better if I stood up and drank; I know it might sound funny, but it's true. The water even hurt for a few days, and I've heard several others say the same thing! It does get easier, and easier so hand in there.
  8. jerzeygirl's Avatar
    Not hand in there, "hang in there"
  9. johnny15676's Avatar
    It will be tough for a day or two - but it gets better. Just sip and take it easy!
  10. Laural's Avatar
    Your stomach just had major surgery, it will take a few to get the swelling to go down. Each day will be easier... trust me. sip, sip, sip!!!! Take care.

    PS: I love your labs!!! I own 2 black labs myself.
  11. RoxFC's Avatar
    Yes...it will feel really weird at first. My tummy rumbled and grumbled. Plus, I don't know if you have gas pains yet...mine came on the 3rd day. But, with each sip, I got used to the sensation. I made sure to walk a lot and the gas subsided and by the 4/5th day i was able to tolerate the drinking. I easily get my required ounces of fluids and i'm at day 8 post surgery. Hang in there! It gets easier..for me, day 6 was wonderful!
  12. AmyInOrlando's Avatar
    Jill... I just have to say I love your picture. You have a beautiful family, including the dogs. I hope you feel better soon. I'll be where you are in just a few days.
  13. Devera's Avatar
    I had my surgery on Monday (July 29). So far so good. I know what you mean about the pain on drinking. That is why they say "little sips" If I didn't, then
    I had a major cramp, so it was a teaching moment - forcing me to take small sips so that pain was minimized. Congrats on your success!
  14. Terry521's Avatar
    I just had my surgery on Monday July 29 too. I have the same issue when I take my liquids or even jello. The only way I can describe it is brain freeze in my chest and around my ribs and back. It goes away quickly though. My drs office said that it is normal. I keep my liquids at room temp so as to not be too extreme. I am just finding it difficult to get 64 Ozs of fluid in when you can only drink 1-2 Ozs at a time and only every 15 mins.