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Food addiction / Complications from surgery?

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Had some very inspiring advice and looking forward to moving ahead on the surgery and changing my life!

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First off let me say... CONGRATS ON THE LOSS OF 20+ LBS. That is not a small fete, and I want to let you know that you are on the right path to a healthier you. I applaud you as well for doing the necessary research, and exploring both the +/- of having any wls.

Now let me state this up front so that you won't think that you are talking to a Sleeve Veteran, I am just 5 days out from surgery, but I can tell you this, I have not regretted it from the time I decided almost a year ago, up until now.

I too was a pretty big guy, actually I started off maxing at 400lbs, and like you I had tried every diet, shake, workout, and still eventually would gain the 10, 20, 30+ lbs I lost right back.

I finally went into my doctor and said, what do I need to do to have the surgery. I got connected with a weight management specialist, and began pretty much on the same journey that you are on now. I cut my calories down initially to 1800 for a few months then to 1400, plus a protein shake meal plan, with phentermine. I was doing well, dropping pounds pretty rapidly. Then the doctor told me, I had to exercise. That is the one thing I didn't want to do, but the very thing that best got me prepped for this surgery. I began to do a workout regimen that had cardio, LOT'S OF CRUNCHES, and some resistance training.

I say all that to say this, those months of preparation helped me to adjust my mental ADDICTION to food, from over consumption all the time, to moderate consumption just some of the times. I learned how to work some cheat foods into my week, and how to not let the cheats get me off my schedule. Plus, when I got to my 2 week liquid diet before surgery, I wasn't starving, cuz I had adjusted my habits months prior slowly but surely. I didn't fall off and go splurge, I did have a few cheats, like a slice of homemade poundcake, ok actually 2, but I drank so much water, and liquids to make up for it, it never threw me into a splurge mode.

So I say what you are doing to prep yourself physically, is vital to your mental approach as well.

As far as the possible side affects, I cannot begin to answer all of those questions, because I am again a newbie myself. I do know this, I am and have been for months taking a liquid vitamin, on top of chewables, plus focusing strongly on making the new vitamin regimen a part of my life. I don't leave home without my backpack with a couple of waters, shakes, shake cups, and vitamins. the other thing is to also try and meet as much of the protein allotment per day as possible. I pretty much know what is gonna get me to my protein place, which is 98 grams per day. (myfitnesspal is a great tool to start using to help keep track of this and all vitamin intake).

I believe this, change starts with 1 step, and by posting in this forum, and doing your research, and having your concerns, and not being afraid to ask for help before you take this leap, you Ryan, have taken a HUMUNGOUS step.

Keep up the good work, and hopefully something I shared was and will be helpful in your decision and prep.



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  1. reading mom's Avatar
    That is good advice! Congratulations on your decision! Good luck with everything!
  2. speedracer's Avatar
    I second the advice. And I was sleeved in Feb of this year. Down 83 pounds. Im wearing a XL shirt (which is loose on me) and 38 size pants, which are as of today, now loose, and require a belt.
    I still have big thighs, and a beer belly, but its slowly going away. My face is thin, and everyone is noticing me again.

    Best of luck,