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Got in all my Protein yesterday!!!

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I finally was able to work in all my protein yesterday and liquids. I am really liking the Unjury Unflavored Protein. I learned how to mix it in liquids with out it clumping and there is no added taste. I got in 72 grams of protein and was able to swallow all my meds (I take 3 BP meds & 1 cholesterol daily) First few days they were wanting to come back up are felt like they were stuck. Can't wait to be off of med's.

All in all I feel good, just still feel tired during the day. I don't have my complete energy back yet. I have been taking a nap each day, we are about to have a huge rain storm so I think I will nap early

My First Post Op appt is Friday. Waiting to weigh myself than. I know I lost weight I am in a size 24 pants and they are baggy. They did not fit before surgery

So happy to be sleeved!!!!!

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  1. Harley Granny's Avatar
    Happy day for you!!!
  2. reading mom's Avatar
    Sounds great!
  3. Trissi's Avatar
    Do you have tips for the Unjury? When I mix with Crystal Light Lemonade, it still tastes milky for me. Keep up the good work!