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15 Hours...........tell show time

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Surgery in the morning, can't believe it is here

Got my clearance from the Cardio office today. What a way to spend the last day before surgery.

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  1. Yazmin's Avatar
    Good luck with your surgery!
  2. reading mom's Avatar
    Woohoo!!! Doing a happy dance for you! So relieved you are healthy and cleared to go!!! Tomorrow I'll be thinking about you!
  3. Hace0101's Avatar
    Good luck sending positive mojo your way!
  4. lakegirl's Avatar
    best of luck tomorrow! So happy for you and we'll see you on the sleeved side.
  5. mama2five's Avatar
    i will be thinking about u ----
    let us know how u r feeling
  6. Rox's Avatar
    I knew you'd be OK - I'll be thinking of you - Good Luck and Happy Healing!!
  7. eezgoat's Avatar
    great. post up when you feel up to it. God bless
  8. newme4ever's Avatar
    Yay its finally your turn! Good luck and prayers for a speedy recovery
  9. kaygee's Avatar
    Good luck!
  10. goodwillgirl51's Avatar
    good luck, everything will be fine...i'm 5 day out and doing great!!! i'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.