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I think I am going to have a meltdown...........

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Just received a phone call from PA at hospital. Evidently my EKG came back with a irregular heartbeat and now they want me to see a Cardiologist tomorrow. My surgery is Wed. my doctor only does surgery on Wed.
Please I cannot go through another week of all liquids!!!
Trying to see if my insurance will pay for a visit to Cardio office. I am self pay for this surgery.
I want to scream now!!
I was not a bit nervous about this surgery at all NOW I am shaking!!!!!!

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  1. OOOWEEBABY!'s Avatar
    Better safe than sorry. Crazy things happened to me and I was in a liquid diet holding pattern for a month. In the end it was all worth it. Hang in there!
  2. Think's Avatar
    There are MANY things that can cause or contribute to an irregular heartbeat, my dad had one his entire life. They are trying to be safe. Were you still drinking caffeine when you had the EKG? Maybe a touch dehydrated? Hope it's nothing and they clear for your surgery! I know I would be frustrated with an additional week of the pre-op diet.

    Sending many positive thoughts your way!
  3. Mem's Avatar
    Same thing happened to me. Cardiologist on Friday and surgery scheduled for following Tues. 5 hours of testing ending with a stress test and I was cleared for surgery. Keep the faith ...you don't want anything to happen during surgery. I was very discouraged also. God Bless...Mem
  4. Charlie47's Avatar
    Good news so far, I got the approval from Ins. to see the Cardio tomorrow.
    Thanks all
  5. reading mom's Avatar
    I'm so sorry to hear you've now got more hoops to jump through!!! Hopefully tomorrow will go well then your surgery can go on as planned, but if not we are here if you need someone to hold your hand. Sending hugs!
  6. Rox's Avatar
    This happened to me the last time I had laparoscopic surgery. They called me and scared the sh1t out of me. I had my PCP do another one. That morning - after they had given me the "relaxation" drug, the anesthesiologist came in and told me my EKG was fine and that there was nothing to be alarmed about. If I hadn't been so "relaxed" I think I would have been putting my fist through a wall.
  7. SoNotABarbie's Avatar
    I was self pay for my surgery and my insurance covered my cardio visit
  8. coolmom43's Avatar
    I had to see a cardiologist as well, my EKG shows that I had recently had a heart attack. I have not, it's just the crazy pattern that my heart beats. Try not to worry, chances are all is fine, just something that your body does differently from "normal" behavior. Be sure to update us after your visit tomorrow.
  9. AngelNP's Avatar
    My sister and I both have congenital prolonged QT syndrome. We both had the sleeve no problem! Do you know what your "irregular heart beat" was diagnosed as? I'm sure you will be fine.
  10. AngelNP's Avatar
    They need to know that 1) you're stable; 2) can receive anesthesia.
  11. Charlie47's Avatar
    I am good to go for surgery in the morning.........Its been a crazy day getting these test done. The Cardio office bent over backwards today to get my test done so quickly.
    Thanks everyone!!!
    I will soon be on the other side, hospital at 7 am
  12. Charlie47's Avatar