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Oops I swallowed some carrots!!!

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Seems like 3 little tiny pieces of carrots made it into my broth tonight after straining my soup. As one made it into my mouth I was like FOOD!!! LOL
It's day 7 of my liquid diet one more week to go.
I will say this it is for the birds!! But I am hanging in there. Really doing well on it. Thank God I am home by myself for these 2 weeks.

Tomorrow I get to go pre admit and do blood work, EKG and write a check for $10,000.00 (actually using credit card) Thanks so much to my wonderful hubby for letting me pay for this surgery! He's the best. Thank you for working so hard and being so supportive.

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  1. eezgoat's Avatar
    wow thats a lot. dont worry about the carrots. I am 9 days out and i was sipping some cream of chix soup and got some chix chucks in my mouth. i said to my self hell as might as well chew the crap out of it than i spit it out lol