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Nearly 1 year

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I am 2 days away from my 1 year mark and couldn't be happier with the results and how I look.

I had some complications from a breast reconstruction (1999 mastectomy and a long battle with trying to reconstruct) so after nearly 12 K spent total I had to abandon the implants and have them totally removed to be able to heal. My incisions kept opening up and it had reached a hole the size of a pop can before I was able to save the money up to go get them totally removed so I could heal. My body just is so damaged in the area that the initial mastectomy was that it didn't heal.... so 38 D to a 34 A now. Sucks BUT I had an exciting phone call the other day. In a moment of being on my pity pot and totally disgusted a few months ago I reached out to a popular TV well known plastic surgeon and sent him pictures of the whole process I have been through and faxed it all in. I explained I have no health insurance and at this point with the incision opening again no doctor in Arizona would even agree to see me. I figured that would be the end of it - I vented and it was over. Well..... a few days later I got a phone call and nearly fell off the chair when it was the doctors surgical assistant saying that he wanted to schedule an appt with me by phone. This was before I had the implants removed. I was hoping to be able to save the implants but he rescheduled a few times due to having surgery on paying patients and my pain level was so high I had to just go ahead with the removal at the end of May 2013.

I finally had my phone consult with him this past Monday the 24th. I updated him with pictures of what my breasts look like now and he gave me his recommendations for what my next steps would be to at least get myself even again (one breast is nearly totally gone again and the other is just a deflated balloon). I reminded him that I had spent my life savings and that I had no insurance. He thought for a minute and asked me if I would be willing to come on TV and have this all documented and he would fix me!

I am now waiting for him to get back with me (hopefully today) since he said he was going to call his producers right away and would pitch the ide to them.

Cautiously optimistic at this point

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  1. Calico's Avatar
    How exciting! I hope all works out with that doctor! But in the mean time, you look awesome!
  2. Breen's Avatar
    I hope this works out for you! It has to be exhausting dealing with this for so long. On a good note though, you look fabulous! Keep us posted!
  3. Rox's Avatar
    You look great!! Best of luck with this reconstruction.
  4. speedracer's Avatar
    Damn cancer to hell, seriously. It is 2013, I just dont get why we having conquered it yet. You have had quite a journey, your doing great! Keep up the good work, and thanks for checking in.
  5. azladyrider's Avatar
    Thanks all - wow I never come out here anymore hardly so just now seeing these. No definite words yet from the doctor but maybe September is the last I heard so....