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Anyone else HATE this being called an "elective" procedure?!?!

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So today I found out that NO my school will not work with me in any way, shape, or form around me having surgery in Sep-Oct time frame. If I can't lift at least 50lbs, I'm not allowed to attend clinicals which means I'd miss 4 weeks (fairly certain that's what my doctor said was the minimum time for weight restrictions, rightfully so) & I'd be DROPPED from the program!!! SO APPARENTLY getting pregnant isn't considered elective (not sure how that's not free choice) & they'll work with those students, but not someone who desperately needs WLS. ARGHHHH!!!

Mid-conversation I let out a huge groan & asked her to just stop calling it an "elective" procedure, no matter what the school policy is. Said, "It's not like I'm getting a face lift. I medically need this surgery to combat a lot of medical issues. For this to be called 'elective' is just offensive." Anyone else find it TOTALLY ridiculous?! Obesity is now considered a DISEASE so I'm not sure how this surgery is considered any different than removing a cancerous lump that would otherwise kill you. That's actually a fairly an accurate description of how I view my traitorous stomach.

SOOOO I got super proactive & wormed my way into a bariatric seminar tomorrow at the VA. Called my counselor, who is also basically now my VA liaison from now on, informed her of what had happened & how it was severely stressing me out not knowing if the VA would be able to work with my school schedule. It's free medical care & rescheduling things can set you back MONTHS in my experience. Thankfully she's a super kind woman & got me into the class tomorrow. I shall be spending my night here at work drawing up a list of questions to satiate my anxiety.

Semi saddened though that even if I get good news that yes the VA will work around my schedule, it will mean I won't have surgery until December when I have a month off from school. Always awful putting off something you know deep down would benefit you to do YESTERDAY. Guess I'll just have to focus on the upside of having it at that time: it will be a nice turning point of a new chapter in my life to have it done just before New Years.

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  1. Rox's Avatar
    I don't consider it elective, however, it has just hit the public that the AMA has declared obesity a disease. I am sure policies and procedures in colleges will take some time to catch up. I too find that getting what is basically a surgical therapy to control obesity is not excused but pregnancy is.
  2. DJordan's Avatar
    I'm in the same boat as you. I'm hoping that my surgery will be done end of July/first of Aug. (I find out next Tuesday)
    Otherwise, There's no way I'll be cleared for clinicals. The other question will be if they will allow us to sip water. I will find a way one way or another. (I'm full time Respiratory Therapist and a full time Nursing student)
    I'm sick of family and friends being very negitive about the surgery and why are you doing this?You're a strong person. You can do anything you put your mind to. Why do you feel you need this surgery. Why dont you try this, why dont you try that. ugh.. seriously, I just want to scream " I've done it all!!! I'm HAVING THE SURGERY BECAUSE I NEED F'ING HELP!!!"
    Sigh.. sorry for venting.. Good luck!!!
  3. christinae85's Avatar
    Venting is what this site is for isn't it?! LOL :P Nah I hear you. Thankfully the only negativity I've heard so far was from my little old Mexican mother in law. :P She's very sweet so it wasn't anything mean, but it was that medically uneducated mentality of, "Oh just eat less & you don't need the surgery!" Yeah, if that were the case, I'd be skinny as a rail. :P
  4. Think's Avatar
    I am so sorry this is causing you grief and hope you are able to get this surgery and maintain your clinicals.
  5. christinae85's Avatar
    Thanks. I'm sure it'll be ok. Just has been possibly the longest week of my life. Utterly exhausted & incapable of not stressing out over speed bumps. lol
  6. NoKo's Avatar
    I know it stinks to have to wait a few more months to have surgery, but maybe it will help in the long run. I've had a 3+ month supervised weight loss requirement and at first I was let down by it. But as I got further along I realized that it has helped me greatly in preparing for such a life change.

    Completely with you on the "elective" surgery nonsense. Frankly, any type if surgery should excuse you from the time off needed to recover. It's none of work's business which type it is.
  7. niamh's Avatar
    Sorry to hear. It's very frustrating now - but in the scheme of things a few months won't matter to you in a year's time, so just try and breathe and let go of the stuff you can't control. Also, nothing to stop you using the additional time to drop some weight before surgery - it will lower your surgery risks and can mean losing the weight overall in the same time frame. Good opportunity to start adjusting some of your relationship with food and pick up a bit more exercise. Once you've got a clear date, this often helps people focus on changes prior to surgery.
  8. christinae85's Avatar
    I do need to master the art of maintaining a food journal. Have never been able to keep a journal of any kind longer than a month all my life. Not that I go off track or anything; I just have an AWFUL short term memory. I start forgetting to log things in, then feel bad I missed days & just give up on it eventually. Life's so chaotic. I wish to God I had time to exercise, but between school & work there's literally no time in the day unless I cut into my 4hr daily sleep. :| Yeahhh not happening...lol

    Thanks for the encouragement y'all. Time to adjust the sails a little & re-plot the course.
  9. danrhowell's Avatar
    When i went in to do my surgery on May 29th and freaked out the doc told me its ok its an elective surgery and I turned around crying and all and screamed not for me its not. And she immediately apologized. Some people dont understand. I don't have much family and didnt tell them about the surgery because i didnt wanna hear the bs about the surgery. Good luck!
  10. DaleLanc's Avatar
    Yes, I elected to have surgery so I didn't die from morbid obesity. Duh.
  11. christinae85's Avatar
    HAHA EXACTLY! Cancer patients "elect" for chemotherapy & those with diabetes "elect" to take insulin shots, but fairly certain it's not seen as "elective" to patients when it's LIFE SAVING! Thanks for commiserating with me guys. :P

    For a follow up: the VA will be awesome & work with me school schedule wise. This just unfortunately means putting my surgery off until December. Yaaayyyy recovering from major surgery for the holidays! :/ lol