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Did I actually have surgery?

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HI All,

I am 4 days out from my surgery. All seems to be going well. I only have pain when I drink too fast. I know sip, sip, sip. LOL

My question is, Did I actually have surgery. I know I have 5 ugly incisions but I don't feel like most of my stomach was removed. I never feel full. I am never hungry. I just force myself to drink even when I don't want too.

My husband is ruling with an iron fist. Drink this. Walk. Drink that. Walk. He better enjoy it now because I will get my strength back and this won't fly. LOL

Has any one had that feeling after surgery?

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  1. Truebody's Avatar
    Yeah it is amazing isn't it. Things will be a bit more challenging when you move to puréed food and then on to solids....it's a whole different experience.
  2. libellule's Avatar
    I totally understand! I felt the exact same way plus I had all my enerjy back by day 4 so I really felt like I hadn't done anything to myself until I drank a little too much, and then I knew LOL. The hardest part for me is to remember to eat or drink. I work on projects all day and sometimes will get so wrapped up that when I look up I realize I haven't eaten or had a drink and 4 hours have gone by. Best of luck.
  3. heytharr's Avatar
    I thought the same too! The recovery was painless for me.. made me wonder did the doc really do the surgery on me? Got my confirmation that it was actually done when I saw the Xray of my stomach during my Barium Swallow test
  4. A_New_Meek's Avatar
    lol yes! i actually asked the nurse after surgery " are you sure you guys did the surgery" because i didnt feel any pain, guess we are lucky