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Friday, June 14, 2013

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Well I just had my last appt. with my surgeon. All went well and I am scheduled for this Friday.

What worries me the most is hearing about all of the "stalls" that people are having after surgery. My surgeon said if I follow the rules I should not have a stall for 8-12 months. I know that everyone is different but why would some have a stall after 1 month? This is what worries me.

Any suggestions?

I will post again after my surgery.

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  1. Breen's Avatar
    Best wishes! Hope you are stall free. Get in your liquids, protein and avoid slider food.
  2. BenjiB's Avatar
    No stalls for 8 to 12 months?! That does not sound realistic so just prepare yourself when that three week stall hits. Its seems impossible to stall when you only take in like 300 to 500 calories a day but it happens. Just keep going when it does hit.
  3. Derinda's Avatar
    Thank you for the encouragement.