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What causes hair loss after sugery?

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Wondering if it's the anesthesia? dietary changes? shock to the system? I notice so much hair loss when I shampoo. I have thicker hair so a little won't make much of a difference.
When do people notice regrowth? Does it in fact grow back?
The surgeon recommends 85 g protein---I usually fall short of that but get pretty close. I take biotin and zinc supplements.

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  1. juniper's Avatar
    lack of protein. i have had loss of hair since 3 months after surgery. i am just about at 6 months. make sure you get at least 60 g of protein and take your vitamins. i was horrible about
    my vitamins at first but i am better about them now
  2. MystiGal's Avatar
    I know women who had the sleeve and they swear by the.Chinese supplement Sheng Fa. I ordered some online & plan to start taking it next week. I urge you to google it.
  3. teresattt1's Avatar
    Biotin I'm told helps. I am using that plus other vitamins. But I did get from the health food store a a Whey Protein Shot. It's liquid. 42grams of protein. It's helped me a lot. The powder was just not anything I could hold down. The shots are great and honestly, they taste like (to me) a melted jolly rancher. Very sweet, no sugar. I hope everyone has helped and given u some help. Be blessed, Teresa
  4. mishapie's Avatar
    Lack of protein and the rapid weight loss phase.
    I thought I'd escaped it until I hit the 5 month mark. It was terrible.
    I take extra zinc and 10,000 biotin daily but I've also started taking a supplement called MSM which is fantastic. I take 3000 in the morning and 3000 in the evening. I've noticed a huge difference in my hair and nails and its also good for joints.
    I still have a problem getting my protein in though. Just try my best everyday.
    I also used nioxin shampoo system.
  5. pack89's Avatar
    The correct answer is all of the above. If you search for reasons for hair loss, there are many. It's not just because of lack of protein. I had 3 surgeries 5+ months before being sleeved and I lost hair from those surgeries as well. And trust me, there was no lack of protein, or food for that matter. It's just an over-all shock to the system caused by a combination of surgery, anesthesia, fast weight-loss, change in amount of nutrients, all of it. Ask 10 different drs and you'll get 20 different answers.

    Good news is that it does grow back. I've got all kinds of hairs sticking out all over my head that are about 1-3" in length.
  6. brentymac's Avatar
    I researched this a lot as well. I have done fantastic nutritionally and still lost a lot of hair. It has to do with your body adjusting to a change - just like if you've ever had a baby and lost hair afterwards. There are a lot of articles that talk about the hair cycle. Basically, too much of your hair goes into the "fall out" phase at once. The good news is that it will slow down and eventually your hair will go back to normal. I have not taken Sheng Fa or Biotin and the hair loss has slowed quite a bit already. Good luck to you.
  7. Lea's Avatar
    I am experiencing the hair loss and it's a bit shocking. I am glad to keep hearing it grows back...I am picturing your little 1 to 3 inch hairs pack I will take it!
  8. rachelsjulia's Avatar
    I have experienced that too. I got extremely hair loss but after I took Reloxe and used their Natural hair regrowth supplements, It worked within few months only!
  9. kparam's Avatar
    I was on a physician supervised diet with a couple of other friends and lost 70 pounds over several months. I did not lose any hair, but my friends did. I was diligent in taking vitamins AND Omega 3 (fish oil) daily. We all lost approximately the same amount of weight in the same timeframe. I am 6 weeks in and so far so good, but who knows what will happen.