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1 week ago today....

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....I screwed up my courage and changed my life.

Last Friday night, May10 2013, I was settling down to hourly checks and morphine on demand. I was not really in any pain, but there was the odd distinctly tightening or cramping directly under my breast and kinda involved the whole abdominal cavity. Unfortunately I lost the trigger for the morphine for a while, thinking they had disconnected me and endured much of the niggling discomfort by just sleeping or breathing through a spasm.

I also,recall that night dreaming that I was eating and putting my sleeve at risk and waking myself up with concern. If it happened once it happened half a dozen times and it still happens. I woke this morning thinking id just had a cup of tea and a Gingernut biscuit. Now, I don't know if you have them in the US, but a Gingernut in Australia is a very very hard biscuit - in fact they don't come any harder. Eating one of those a week out, would be certain death. Bloody terrifying having these dreams and for the life of me, cannot remember when I last had a Gingernut anyway!

More about the resilience of Gingernuts if you're interested.


Surgeon is happy with me, Dietitian has already instructed me to drop the juices in favour of water and get to grips with firming up intake times so I'm replicating a usual eating routine - 3 meals and 2 snacks but still only consuming liquids.

My wounds are healing nicely and I'm feeling stronger every day. Best part - I got the cat out of hoc and he is snugly posted by my side as I type gently snoring and very happy to be home.

So, all is right with the world. I'm sleeved, I'm healthy, I'm happy and looking forward to a lighter future.

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  1. valdonlon's Avatar
    I'm so happy for you...I don't think there is Gingernut biscuits here in the U.S. LOL
  2. while.im.still.young's Avatar
    I thought a Gingernut biscuit sounded yummy until you described it lol. Sounds as if it should be used as a weapon.

    Glad you're doing well. Wishing you a continued successful recovery.
  3. Bilby's Avatar
    Ahhhhhhhhh I miss ginger nuts .... Dunked in coffee
    Glad to hear you are doing well Jen
  4. RoDean's Avatar
    I am so glad things went ok for you, cant wait to hear more and more as you continue in your success!!
  5. ibcopperfire67's Avatar
    Keep up your hard work and watch as it pays off
  6. Foxy'smom's Avatar
    I was sleeved the same day and I keep having dreams that I am eating at a buffet. In my dream I am having all kinds of stuff. Deep dish pizza has been the scariest thing I have eaten in my dreams. I hope our dreams go away soon.
  7. Terrybellwith4kids's Avatar
    Dang I had those dreams too that I was eating it will go away glad that your doing so well
  8. Pmymky's Avatar
    I also had those dreams and they started about a week before surgery. I still have them... Man what tricks our minds play on us... They were so real! Freaked me out and I would wake shaking trying to claw food out of my mouth that wasn't there..... lol Nice to know others had this same issue! I may be crazy but not alone it would seem