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Post Surgery. Hello Luvs - I'm baaaaack!

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Well what a journey. Understandably nervous on the morning of the op, but check-in all went well. Not too much hanging around and then down to theatre and staff were really terrific at keeping me engaged in idle chit chat so I reduced the chance of spiralling into anxiety.

I was in theatre from 8am and got back into the room at midday. So it all took a while. Next thing I know I'm being wheeled into my room. Flowers from my Mum already in the room and i settled in for some sporadic napping. My gorgeous friend arrived later in the afternoon, more flowers and some magazines. So well and truly spoiled with attention.

First night was a little rough, disturbed every hour for observations and slept most of Saturday and again Saturday night with the less frequent interruptions.

So today the drips are out, the drain is out and I'VE HAD JELLY!!, best tasting stuff in the whole world.

So I have the odd campy kinda spasm, but they pass quickly and I guess they will disappear completely in a day or so.

No regrets, no buyers remorse. I'm sleeved and my life will change from here onwards, for the better.

I'd like to thank everyone for sending their kind thoughts and wishes for a successful surgery. You are a great bunch of people.

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  1. Pip's Avatar
    Woot woot Lovely Jen hugs xxxxx
  2. niamh's Avatar
    Welcome to the sleeved side Jen, great to hear things are going well. Can't wait to hear more on here, and to see you in a fortnight for that coffee x
  3. Anklo9678's Avatar
    Do you mean actual jelly like you put on toast? Or like jello gelatin? I don't know the slang!! Lol
  4. Truebody's Avatar
    Jelly In Australian is Jello to Canada and US I think. What you call jelly, we call jam.
    Gorgeous stuff. Bright green jelly post op....heaven.
  5. Anklo9678's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Truebody
    Jelly In Australian is Jello to Canada and US I think. What you call jelly, we call jam.
    Gorgeous stuff. Bright green jelly post op....heaven.
    I had that too! It was the first and pretty much the only food I kept down the whole time I was in the hospital. The kept giving me this protein broth stuff that I really wanted to like because the warm stuff felt better on my tummy but it just didn't happen for me. That jello/jelly was what worked for me.
  6. Terrybellwith4kids's Avatar
    So glad you had a great experience so for and so excited you finally got sleeved!!!!!
  7. Bilby's Avatar
    So glad you are doing well with your recovery. Can't wait to join you guys on the sleeved side on the 20th. Is niamh coming to visit? That would be fantastic. Keep the posts coming Jen xx
  8. niamh's Avatar
    Hi Bilby, yes I'm heading back to Perth later this week for a family wedding, and a few of us are meeting up for a coffee on 25th. If I ever make it to the states some time, another Aussie sleever meetup should definitely be on the cards. Only a few days now to your surgery - it'll be here before you know it!
  9. Char75's Avatar
    Glad your doing well Hearing these updates from everyone that has actually had the surgery is uplifting. Its so amazing to see the journey, thank you for sharing!!!
  10. WaywardSmiles's Avatar
    Glad to hear you are doing well on the road to recovery. Looking forward to hearing of your mini-successess! Best wishes.
  11. Jeanie's Avatar
    So happy for you! Glad everything went great and cannot wait to hear about your progress!!
  12. Miss Jay's Avatar
    Glad you are doing well, hope you continue to progress.....
  13. Cookie22's Avatar
    YOU GO GIRL!!!
  14. T-bone's Avatar
    glad your on the mend.....smashing so far keep it up will be hear if you need
  15. speedracer's Avatar
    Welcome to the other sidddddeeeeeeeeeeeee
  16. MomMaestra's Avatar
    Excellent report. I'm 9 days out and out of the blue my stomach feels completely normal. Even had a 1/2 cup of coffee which I'm cleared for but it gave me cramps with just a sip. Here's to a speedy recovery!!