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'Twas the night before sleeving...

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...and all through (the cleaned house), not a creature was stirring, not even the cat, who has been checked-in at his 5 star resort for uppity Siameses.

With the time difference, I will be done by the time you guys are heading home from the office and settling down for the night. Now that the operation is less then 8 hours away, I have new found respect for all of you who travel to have this procedure done. Those of you who do it without the language skills and alone are in a class of your own.

As you know, I've been fortunate not to have to endure a pre-op diet. So today I had my last supper. Actually is was a lunch with my friends at a favourite restaurant of ours. It was a fitting way to mark the occasion. I've had nothing since 2.30pm except a glass of water or two. I've had one of my 2 anti bacterial showers, damn stuff is so drying that I'm itchy a little now - another to be done tomorrow morning before I walk the block to the hospital.

Met the anaesthetist - perfect. He is serious, but kind and very polite and kinda nerdy. Couldn't ask for better as I feel very comfortable with him and partnered up with the surgeon I'm confident that I have selected the right team for me.

Ok well I'm starting to waffle, because I'm anxious. Time to set the alarm for 5.30am, get whatever sleep I can and then face my life changing day.
I'm bloody nervous.

Thanks for the support in the lead up to this eventful day. Much appreciated.

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  1. christine53's Avatar
    Good Luck, you will be fine And soon you will have a picture on here telling us all how much you have lost
  2. niamh's Avatar
    So thrilled for you that the day is finally here. Good luck, and look forward to your post-op updates.
  3. teresattt1's Avatar
    Wishing you all the good luck I can! I just know you will be happy with your decision.. and I dont think you were rambling.. I was enjoying the "twas the night before" version..
  4. MomMaestra's Avatar
    OMG! It seems like just yesterday you were saying I'm all prepared and no where to go... Well, here you are! You have such good and gentle advice on this forum. I'll be waiting with anticipation on how you are doing and your journey from here.
  5. Harley Granny's Avatar
    So excited for you! Please make sure you check in!
  6. Risty's Avatar
    WOW its nearly time are you ready for this incredible life change?! you certainly sound like it i wish you nothing but the very best and speediest recovery!!
  7. speedracer's Avatar
    Best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Foxy'smom's Avatar
    I'm stuck on a plane in Dallas, waiting for the weather to improve. Hopefully I will get to my destination today. I wish I could walk a block to the hospital. Best wishes!
  9. while.im.still.young's Avatar
    I'm sending nothing but good wishes your way. I can't wait to read about your experience. Prayers for a speedy recovery!
  10. Anklo9678's Avatar
    You got this girl!! You are going to be awesome!! Can't wait for the update. Best of luck to you!
  11. Tkvlandette's Avatar
    Way to go. Congrats!!! Here's to a new you!
  12. Cookie22's Avatar
    Good luck, you will do great! just remember to walk, a lot! ant wait to ready your post-op blog on the other side!
  13. Bilby's Avatar
    Hugs ..... Look forward to your first sleeved- post!!!!
  14. Terrybellwith4kids's Avatar
    Yay it's finally here goodbye pounds
  15. txbluebonnet's Avatar
    Good luck, you will be in my thoughts.
  16. CatBee's Avatar
    good luck!!!!! hope it goes well
  17. 1happyloser2b's Avatar
    I hope everything went fine!!! . How are you???
  18. Terrybellwith4kids's Avatar
    We haven't heard from you wondering how you are