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7 weeks post-op. A little frustrated, but going really well on the whole.

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So I'm 7 weeks post surgery and have dropped about 5kg just before surgery and about 12kg since surgery. I've only lost about 1.6kg in the 3 weeks since my last blog (at the 4 week mark), which I'm quite disappointed about. I've still got about 33kg to go too.

I know my total weight loss should make me happy and I need to focus on the positives, but I'm still slightly heavier than I was when I walked into hospital to give birth, and I still can't see the light at the end of the tunnel (which is my goal weight). I think once I'm under 100kg, I'll see that as a big victory.

To make it worse, I actually put on weight this week; nearly 2kg! At only 7 weeks out!! What the heck!!!!????? I'm feeling like my worst fears are on their way; i.e. being one of those people that have weight regain after surgery!

I'm not keeping a food diary as such, but because I'm eating so little, it's not hard to be aware of what I'm eating. So, why the weight? I did have a weekend away and ate less-than-healthy food (unfortunately hot chips and calamari were my staples - ouch!) BUT, I still wasn't eating a lot! I'm trying not to let it do my head in, and putting it down to being mostly hormonal or stress-related.

I'm also going to stop being so addicted to the scales, and only weigh in once a week. I was told to do that anyway, but I find it motivating to see the slight drop each day or so.

Also, I quite often feel hungry only a short time after having a meal. Sometimes I wonder if I didn't eat enough in the meal to be hungry so soon, or whether it's stress related (there's a lot of stress in my world at the moment). I think sometimes I might be confusing the heart-burn feeling (from eating too fast) and stop eating, when I'm not actually full. Hmmm - a question for the Dietitian next week.

I'm annoyed. I guess I was expecting that "I wouldn't ever feel hungry" really meant that. I know it's different feeling to the "hunger" that I felt before, but I still certainly feel hungry and I'm confident it's not a psychological food obsession. I try and fill up on water as much as I can, and I'm still trying to find the "distraction" that I need to avoid wanting to bow down to the "eating monster".

Anyway, hopefully in another 7 weeks I'll have another 6, 7 or 8 kilos loss - fingers crossed!

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  1. thenewmetoday's Avatar
    I am a bit confused with the foods you are eating at your stage of recovery. Check with your nut . Keep getting the water, are you using a protein supplement, when I am not getting enough protien my body/mind will start craving. Good luck, this will work if you follow the process.
  2. WaywardSmiles's Avatar
    I agree with TheNewMeToday...if you don't get enough protein your body sends signals to your brain to eat. I also wonder about your diet in general. My nutritionist wants me to gradually increase my caloric intake to reach the maintenance of 1200 per day by between the 12-15 month mark. (This may change according to my weight loss and progress) I am almost 5 weeks and get between 500-600 (goal is 550 til week 8, then will go to 600 a day) I just started soft foods on Monday and continue that til week 7, when I start my "normal foods", only one new food per 2 days to be sure they aren't going to give me problems.
    With increased activity, you need to increase your caloric intake slightly or your body will hold onto everything it can. I suggest you call/amail your NUT and ask for recommendations. Are you sitting at work, or are you on your feet moving around? Do you get other excercise each day-what kind and for how long? (You may have gained some muscle) Start a food journal again. I only keep track of-fluid, protein, calories. Best wishes to you...
  3. Backtome2013's Avatar
    Hello thenewmetoday and WaywardSmiles.

    I spoke to the Dietitian and we've assumed that the weight-gain was about the salt in the foods I ate on the weekend away, resulting in fluid retention. She was right - the weight was gone in a heartbeat.

    Generally, I do well on the protein side of the diet, with chicken and eggs a daily staple.

    Thanks for your tips - they're always welcome :-) I hope you're both going well too.