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Its official!!

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Finally, After my last doctors appointment on April 16th, My paper work bring sent to the insurance company on April 25th... I am APPROVED FOR MY SURGERY!! So with that being said.... My pre-op date is June 3 and my surgery date is June 19th!!! That means I have 26 days from today before my pre-op and 42 days before my surgery!! I am so excited, I can't wait. I have so many thoughts going on right now. Finally, for all of you going through this process don't give up hope. keep fighting and praying. Stay on your doctors to make sure that they send in your paper work and that they have everything that the insurance company needs.

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  1. valdonlon's Avatar
    You're right about staying on the doctors about the paper work. My docs insurance girls tried their best but got the referral info wrong a few times...They got it right and now it looks like my hounding has paid off. I actually called MY insurance company to ask them how the insurance girls needed to do it and then I went there and told them. We were all laughing but I was still annoyed that I had to learn someone else's job and teach it to them! That being said, have your last favorite meal before you start the liquid diet. That's what I plan to do. Good luck and keep us posted about ur thoughts, feelings, surgery. We wanna know
  2. B3Sassy's Avatar
    Congrats! I just got my dates as well, May 23rd for Pre admission and June 12th surgery date! It's exciting, I'm ready for this journey I keep looking at shoes and clothes thinking wow I'm going to be able to wear heels for more than an hour at a time soon!!! lol I know that sounds crazy but it's my goal!
  3. MystiGal's Avatar