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Blue Powerade.....

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I have just found out that my leak test is done with Blue Powerade. Heck, I can buy that almost anywhere so I can try it before hand. So pleased that I don't have to do any nasty sticking barium or any other noxious substance - Woo Hoo!!! So, I'm adding this stroke of good fortune to my Blessing lists.

Naturally nervous 4 days prior to surgery - but I'm going to be just fine.

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  1. carol62's Avatar
    Hope all goes well and keep us informed of your progress...
  2. Anissa Christine's Avatar
    Wow! How lucky are you??

    That is something I have never heard of..it's typically done with barium because of its radioactive properties. Very interesting! I am very interested in finding out how Blue Powerade highlights the gastrointestinal tract..lol
  3. txbluebonnet's Avatar
    It's going to be with the drainage tube. If they see blue in the drainage tube after drinking the Gatorade then they will know there is a leak. Plus you'll be less likely to throw it up rather than the dye.
  4. Pip's Avatar
    Wow that's really interesting ..I never knew that I proberly should of asked but you know lol
    Good luck matey ! Hugs