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On my way.........

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Well today I had my visit with the Dr. I had my labs drawn, made my appointment with my NUT and for my physc eval. Thankfully their both on the same day, May 13. Kinda nervous about the eval tho, because I dont know that its all about. Why do I need a physc eval? Any pointers to help me out?

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  1. Harley Granny's Avatar
    I truly felt like mine was a waste of time. He basically asked why I wanted the sleeve, how long I'd been heavy, what had I tried before. Wanted to know about anyone else in the family with weight problems.

    I think their looking to see if you can handle it or if you're going to go back to your old ways.

    I don't know exactly what they are looking for.
  2. mysleevejurnyi's Avatar
    I haven't had it but I think it's to see if you are of sound mind and know what you getting into. Good Luck !
  3. lornadoone629's Avatar
    Actually, I just had my psche eval this past Monday. I was a bit nervous that I'd be judged (left my "crazy" at home) lol , but I really enjoyed talking to the psychologist. He was friendly and seemed to actually enjoy himself too. He did ask about my weight and medical history, family history, support system, attitudes of others towards me about this surgery, my reasons for doing it, etc. He also gave me the MMPI to take home and take (the personality test with 300+ seemingly crazy questions). I turned mine in and I'm just waiting for the report to be sent to my surgeon.

    They primarily want to make sure that you are ready for this, that you understand what you are truly getting yourself in for and that you KNOW that you will have to change things to succeed and not just wake up from surgery "thin" or have unreal expectations. Some people are disappointed with their rate of weight loss and how their bodies transform. MOST of us will NOT have a models body at the end of this. There will be sagging skin issues, scarring and changes to your skin and hair. You just have to be ready for any of this and work to prevent or minimize the affects. Remembering that this is a "tool" and not a magic bullet will help. Good luck!