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Crazy 8 / Motivation Required

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I didn't get the 3 week stall like most folks get, but I have gotten an 8 week stall. My scale has ping-ponged the same 5 pounds for over a week.

I'm not devastated or anything. Until now the weight has been steadily coming off, and I figure it's got to start coming off again sooner or later- all I have is time. But I am disappointed that I haven't been making a conscious effort to be active, because I know that would help tremendously.

At times I don't understand the human mind, especially mine. When I am regularly active, I LOVE it, I really do. I love a good workout, I love workout music, I love to dance, and push myself to my limits, to see what I still have in me. I know that when I am regularly active, I don't get depressed or wishy washy, I don't get aches (not the bad ones anyway ) I don't get constipated, I don't get short tempered, I sleep better, I feel better, my brain is more efficient and reliable, my lungs breathe better, my pores get cleaned & my skin detoxified, I feel strong and capable, and ready to take on the world!

But MAN that first step is a female dog! Why is it that I know I will love it and know that I will reap nothing but benefits, but I can't seem to get motivated?! I even prepare everything the night before and have every intention of following through, but the next morning, I feel like I have a cinder block in my pants.

You know what I think? I think I am sick of my workouts. I have been using the same old DVDs and equipment and walking trail for about 3 or 4 years now.

I believe I will sign up for some Zumba at the city activity center or something. First I will have to make a T-shirt that says, "Don't worry, my face just gets really red. In spite of appearances I am not about to have a stroke." because I last time I did Zumba, the instructor kept (discreetly & politely) nudging me toward easier movements, but the easier movements weren't as fun as the regular movements, and by the time the class was over, my face & neck were so flushed red and my eyes were so blood shot that I looked like I had been standing on my head for an hour. lmao I was going to compliment the instructor on a great class, but when I saw my tomato-head in the mirror, I skipped outta there.

Does anyone else go through this? Not the red face lol, but the need for a kick in the pants even though you know for a fact you'll feel absolutely great once you do it?

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  1. Bilby's Avatar
    Great post .... I get up at 5am for 30 mins of cardio x 5 week. The feeling of having 5,000 steps on the FitBit before 7am is a great motivator. I work with a trainer x 3 week for strength and core. The added mobility I am experiencing is great but, like you, I do get red in the face but it disappears within 30 mins or so. I agree that the initial "move" is the hardest part .... I live in hope that this is now embedded as part of my new healthy lifestyle. One important thing for me is to have 2 rest days .... just gentle walks to give my muscles and joints some recovery time.
  2. Truebody's Avatar
    Ab-so-bloody-lutely. Like you I love the buzz I get from a good workout, the feeling of using my body, the burn, the music, driving to the beat - but by far the hardest part of the workout is the walk from my house to the gym... Man, I am one stubborn and resistant woman when it comes to getting started. So, now I have bought myself a rower. Installed it in the house, can nip downstairs without doing hair/make up and commence working out in the comfort of my own home. It's not going to replace a weight workout - but I feel so frumpy at the moment that you'd need a cattle prod to get me into the gym among all the pretty thin and fit folk. Once I have lost some weight and feel like I can go outdoors again, I'm sure the gym will be an option and I will need to keep my lean muscle and tone myself up as I lose.
    BTW - I've tried one of those vibrating belts. My Mum hired one when I was a kid - great fun!
  3. WaywardSmiles's Avatar
    Guess what all those "fit and pretty folk" at the gym are doing/thinking? Looking at everyone else and thinking how fit and pretty they are! Want motivation? Put a pre-op picture next to a picture or cut out (magazine) of what you think is a sexy or fit body. See them side by side and know if you don't move, it ain't gonna happen! See the transformation! Best wishes...
  4. Froo72's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Truebody
    ...I feel so frumpy at the moment that you'd need a cattle prod to get me into the gym among all the pretty thin and fit folk
    And THAT'S what I'm talking about! Hahaha *zap*
  5. Bilby's Avatar
    I don't go to a gym ... My trainers have two fully equipped studios and it is all one on one. I don't have to worry about appearance .... Just getting stronger and healthier.
  6. Froo72's Avatar
    Aw I just need to shut up and get moving. lol I've been at some variant of this rodeo for so many moons, sadly I'm impervious to pictures. My therapist said I should try hiring a personal trainer, which isn't bad advice because I always say I could use a drill sergeant in a can. If they are affordable it may be a worthwhile investment.
  7. Froo72's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Bilby
    I don't go to a gym ... My trainers have two fully equipped studios and it is all one on one. I don't have to worry about appearance .... Just getting stronger and healthier.
    That sounds really good!
  8. Bilby's Avatar
    It is expensive but I prioritize it over other things. 45 min session approx $68. Everything supplied, towes, toiletries in bathroom/shower, water etc.