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Horizon BCBS NJ?

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Anyone have Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ Direct 10? I have a BMI of 35 I have no underlying health issues. Perhaps a little depression and still waiting to have my sleep study done. Im nervous that the insurance isn't going to approve my surgery!!!

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  1. speedracer's Avatar
    What does your surgeon say? I would ask about his success rate with people in your same catagory-
  2. SoNotABarbie's Avatar
    My husband has BCBS of Texas and when i called them they had said it wasn't them persay that says if you're covered or not its what the Employer put down as what they wanted covered. So i couldn't get the surgery because my husbands employer op'd not to request that certain procedure to be covered. But i wind up paying for it out of pocket. But i do wish you the very best.
  3. meshel2817's Avatar
    My husband has BCBS of MN, I didn't have any underlying issues and my bmi was right at 40 and they approved me with no problems.