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4 weeks post-op TODAY!

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I can hardly believe 4 weeks has passed already. I've had a lot of other distractions occupying my mind, which has seen the time fly.

So today I officially started eating again - no more puree! However, be aide chicken has been the easiest to puree, it was chicken for dinner to use up the leftovers. I did have lunch out, but my normal meal was more than halved, as well as removing the of beer battered fries. AWESOME!

I'm down 15.5kg since starting my pre-op diet, and will have my official surgeon appointment next Tuesday, and the dietitian appointment Monday.

I'm very very happy with my decision.

One thing I've noticed, with my normal "stress outlet" (being food consumption), and a few significant matters causing stress in my world, I've realised I haven't found a replacement yet. That's been quite tricky, but not a big deal, more of a realisation.

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  1. WaywardSmiles's Avatar
    Congrats! Excercise will be a great stress reducer-once you get approved! Best wishes ...