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My insurance (BCBS) says that I have to do the 6 months Dr. supervised weight loss progam. My ? is, is there anyway to get around that. I have been on prescribed meds on and off over the past 3 years, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and major knee reconstruction in 2010. Just wondering if I could fast forward this.

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  1. KarenS's Avatar
    My insurance required 6 months as well, nope cant get around it, you have to have the documentation for approval. Beware, there is also things like EKG, lots of bloodwork, scope, nutrition class, phyc eval.........before the case can be submitted for approval. (Depends on your specific policy, check with them to find out all requirements). I started my first intro in July 2012, stayed on course the entire time, and had surgery 4/9/13. Best of luck to you
  2. juniper's Avatar
    i have bcbs as well, the 6 months goes by fast and it prepares you fully for this surgery. i suggest just bite the bullet and start the program asap
  3. WaywardSmiles's Avatar
    I have a major co-morbidity(IIH) which was causing me to go blind and lose my motor function. I quickly got through the EGD, psych eval, etc. I then asked my neurologist, neurosurgeon, and neuro-opthamologist for a letter to the insurance company (BCBSofMI) explaining the importance of weight loss to my recovery from IIH. I also had my family doc write a letter regarding the general decline of my health over the past year related to IIH. My bariatric team submitted all info to BCBS for review. I was approved in less than 2 weeks. My neurosurgeon mentioned that the "surrounding" BCBS (Ohio, Indiana, and such)all cover the sleeve without the 6 month diet, and that MI may need to jump on board-he is the one who offered to write the letter, which I then asked the rest. I thanked him for the suggestion when I saw him at the next appointment. Best wishes...