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Anxiety, Schmanxiety...

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We had a great weekend. We told our friends about my surgery. They politely asked a few questions about it, which oddly kinda felt good because I hadn't really had a chance to talk about it with anyone but my husband & Aunt. Only twice did I feel like a sore thumb; once at a restaurant when there wasn't really anything I could eat (honestly, nearly nothing), and once when a co-worker of my husband's, whom I'd never met, kindly brought over a ton of smoked meat and boiled crawfish he had leftover from a cook-off he had been to earlier that day. Since everyone was chowing on the meat & mud-bugs there wasn't any need to grill the good stuff I was planning on grilling, so I kept running to the fridge every few hours for a bite of cold fish I had leftover from the day before. lol But people can be really insistent that you try something they cooked even when you keep politely telling them oh, no thank you. I finally said, "I tried it, mmmm it's all delicious!".

But we had a good visit, and I am grateful we were able to hang out with them. They are good folks and I love 'em. Hopefully next time we get together I won't still be on the soft food phase.

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  1. dackn8tr's Avatar
    SO glad you had a good visit with them!! I thought about you over the weekend and wondered how it was going