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48 hours post surgery.

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Wow! I'm done. I'm "sleeved".

I was so sick from the anaesthetic. That was not enjoyable first night. I was scared to use my abdominal muscles because of everything being mixed up down there. I was so scared of "damaging" something.

I have had feelings of being unwell, or heartburn like, but up and around quite well.

I'm becoming bored, so that implies wellness I think.
I'm waiting for my family to visit and bring my kids in. I miss them terribly.

When the kids visited yesterday, they both wanted me to come home and had years when they left. Gorgeous kids. My 8 year old daughter wrote me a story about a princess in hospital. Very cute - I'll keep it forever.

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  1. speedracer's Avatar
    I would highly reccommend anyone getting a TABLET when they go in. Boredom is NOT a mans friend, AT ALL! When I get bored, I start making lists LOL. Speaking of Ab muscle, I have not been able to suck my tummy in since the sleeve....<NOT cool! But I guess not that big of a deal since my gut is going away!

    When I was in the hospital, they had a tv, and it was kind of wierd. You had 6 catagories:

    1. Stroke videos (too affraid to check it out since mom was visiting LOL)
    2. Hospital Information
    3. Health Videos
    4. FREE Hollywood Movies
    5. TV Channels
    6. Spiritual/Relax/Music
  2. finallydoingit's Avatar
    I am 4 days post op and have not really gotten bored yet. I had two days in the hospital and have been home for 2 days. I don't really have any pain, but a little discomfort getting up and moving around. I too am scared of damaging something and then wondering how would i know if i did...lol

    but overall I am feeling like i can do this. I don't want to stretch my stomach, but am really tired of this liquid diet. you can do it. WE can do it

    Good luck