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Breast reduction, tricare prime?

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Sigh, I am trying to get a breast reduction through tricare prime and am having a very hard time with it, my doctor but in a referral for a removal of stomach skin and a breast reduction, I am a 32G and they are all skin, my doctor checked my spin and the vertebrae are crooked. Tricare denied my consult because its not medically needed, my doctor was very unhappy and is trying to put it through again, I can understand why the stomach skin isn't medically needed, but to have a breast reduction denied when I have very bad back problems and pain doesn't make any sense, so my doctor resubmitted it and said she is going to try hard to gret both for me, so I can only pray that she can somehow get this to go through. Any body else have tricare prime and have any experience with this .

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  1. Msvetrn's Avatar
    That's horrible! I hate the thought of some unknown person sitting behind a desk making decisions on your health and we being!!! Hopefully, your doctor can get it pushed through. If not, I just wanted to let you know I found this magnet on the side of my refridgerator from a LONG time ago when I was considering some lipo or something I could not afford!!! I went to the website yesterday and it is still there. It is only for US doctors, I am pretty sure. But, it is worth checking out...of course, there is always the option of going to Mexico which is a lot cheaper. Anyway, you can try this: [url]www.DoctorSayYes.biz[/url]

    Good luck!!!