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Does anyone know why some people have to have a drain and some do not?

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  1. Miss Jay's Avatar
    Hello, well it depends on the surgeon, if you look on youtube....put in the search box....gastric sleeve.......there is a video of the procedure and the placement of the drain that comes to the outside with a suction bulb on the end to drain any blood/fluids that accumulates during/after the surgery and it is emptied usually daily, there is a leak test done 1-2 days after the surgery, where you drink some blue/purple liquid if the stomach has a leak in it .....it will come thru the drain tube, then your surgeon will know that it has a leak....which is a biggie!! The medical term for this tube/bulb is called a Jackson-Pratt ....you can search it also, to better understand how it functions.......good luck!!.....I would rather have one than not (helps with the swelling also)
  2. teresaloves2trvl's Avatar
    It seems to be more common with surgeries performed in Mexico. I didn't have one.
  3. wepage02's Avatar
    I had my surgery in NY and did not have a drain put in. I also did not have a leak test. As teresa said, it does seem to be more common with doctors in Mexico. Maybe since they will not be doing any of the follow up care?
  4. Picusue's Avatar
    Surgeon preference
  5. Sharonlags's Avatar
    I did not have drain or leak test. It's doctor preference. I asked my doctor and he said he doesn't do that or need to.
  6. AuburnTigers10's Avatar
    I had both. The leak test was done the next morning after my surgery. My drain was taken out a few hours before being discharged & my surgery was done in Dallas. Texas that is. Depends on the surgeon, I do believe.
  7. Ariel2261's Avatar
    I too had this. Mine followed was just like AuburnTigers10. My surgery was done in New Lenox, Illinois.