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Sleep Apnea the next level

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So, I had my titration sleep study last night! AWFUL....I started out with the nasal pillows and just could not get comfortable. Called the tech in and asked her to change me to the mask at 2 am....slept like a baby! So, now I have to wait for my physician to get the report for the referral to get my CPAP machine.

Now with that said, I got a call the day prior to the titration study from my bariatric surgeon's nurse. She was checkin in on my progress. I told her about my new dx of severe sleep apnea and that I was havin the titration sleep study done. She told me that I had to be on CPAP for three weeks for the insurance to approve the surgery! I pulled my insurance policy and saw that NO where in the approval process for surgery!

I am at the end of meeting all requirements for the submission for approval. I have only one more PCP visit for my supervised weight loss documentation. At that time I will get her recommendation for the surgery and the last separate clinic note for the weight loss visit. So now i am being told I have to wait 3+ weeks for CPAP use.....WTH! I was very disappointed. I so thought I would get an approval mid March and have my surgery the end of March!

Any one ever heard of having to be on CPAP for a period of time to get approved for surgery? I have a BMI of 39.5 OA of my knees which is getting worse.

This is so hard...Insurance is just such a racket!


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