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NSV -well sort of

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I have been seeing my gastro for about 10 years. She has always been on my case about losing weight, well, until today. She asked me how much more weight do I plan to lose. (She had not looked at my chart w/today's weight on it. ) When I told her 30 - 35 pounds, she said that I did not need to lose THAT much b/c I look great. That's when I asked her if she had read the weight on my chart. She admitted that she hadn't and looked. Then, she said that I should not pay attention to those old school charts. That was a first for me. A doctor telling me to ignore the height/weight charts.

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  1. Truebody's Avatar
    What a fantastic thing to have happen. You must be really chuffed. Congratulations on the new you.
  2. N2DVN's Avatar
    Thanks! It made my day!
  3. N2DVN's Avatar
    Awesome weekend...went shopping for dress pants. I started with size 18 (yes, my mind still thinks that I am bigger than I am), went down to 16, ended up bringing home a size 14! Love that Kohl's had them on sale for $14 too!
  4. sraebaer's Avatar
    Pretty cool! (Confirmed what I always thought!!)
  5. julesdeck's Avatar
    Awesome on all accounts.
  6. N2DVN's Avatar
    Bought my Halloween costume for this year. Typically, they run small but this year I order what I thought was "my" normal size. It turns out that it was too big! I needed to order a size smaller than I thought. One day, my mind and my body will be on the same page.
  7. TarotAces's Avatar
    I know this was ages ago... But...

    Wow!!! I LOVE this NSV. Congratulations!