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Reflux and GI Issues

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My apologies if this is TMI. . .I wanted to share in case anyone else has similar issues. I've been having some reflux and GI issues lately and finely got into see my gastro.

My reflux came back about 3 months ago and my esophagus has been gurgling/growling whenever I drink or eat. I scheduled today's appt a month ago and took the nurse's advice to increase my Nexium back to 2 a day while waiting on the appt day. Meanwhile, my GI track started giving me horrible sharp pains on my left side w/in 30- 40 minutes after eating, followed by diarrhea. It hasn't been fun the past 2 weeks.

Today, the doc said that the increased Nexium caused these GI issues. She switched me off Nexium to another Rx for the reflux, gave me something for the spasms, and put me on probiotics. Hoping these changes work. I'll check-in after a couple of weeks and let ya'll know.

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  1. flipflopgirl's Avatar
    Hope that works!!!! Best of luck to you and yes keep us posted!!!!
  2. livingonaprayer's Avatar
    Wow! Reading what you've gone through makes me wonder about my esophagus. Many times I get gurgling noises when drinking or not drinking. I'm concerned now.

    I hope you'll be feeling much better soon. Thank you for sharing your experience.
  3. N2DVN's Avatar
    Thanks! I am feeling better, even after just a day. The Rx is sucralfate. It is used to treat several different conditions, including GERD. Not happy to be taking something 4 times a day but I can deal w/that if it helps. The spasm Rx is the generic for Levsin.
  4. jennygray's Avatar
    I was wondering if you would mind sharing information about the probiotics your physician recommended for you? I am researching the feasibility for me to get a sleeve so happened upon your posts. I have similar issues and my doc told me go for it - he totally believes in probiotics! Beyond that, no advice as to what kind or where to get them or how many to take... Any info you might be willing to share would give me a jumping on place to begin researching what probiotics might be best for me. BTW, thank you so much for sharing your experiences - way helpful!
  5. N2DVN's Avatar
    Align - I got the Walmart brand. She also said Activa would be okay, instead, if I wanted.

    Update on the new Rx - the first few days were rough. the 'coating' that it makes on your stomach and esophagus made me gave me the slimmies. I barely could eat w/o getting them. That lasted about 3 days. No problems now, thankfully! Everything is great now! No diarrhea, no spasms, no slimmies, no pain AND no GERD. Life is great again!
  6. N2DVN's Avatar
    I am now completely off all NEXIUM! I drink a glass of cold water every morning w/1 drop YL Lemon essential oil in it. No nexium since February! It's awesome!!