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Six Day Post Op Recap

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This time last week, I was laying on a surgery table drifting off blissfully while the surgical team was getting ready to remove 75% of my stomach. I was in competant hands, in a beautiful, new facility. I awoke about 1 1/2 hrs later in a total fog, unaware of any pain, told that if I felt any to push a little button and it would relieve it. (morphine) I remember being SO thirsty and not allowed anything to quench it until I got clearance of some type. The few aware moments that I had were of extreme gas pain in my neck, shoulders, abdomen. I now know these were gas pains but I easily mistook them for nausea. I never vomitted. Constantly throughout the day, I was being monitored. My blood sugars went through the roof and I was administered insulin. The big drop in blood count almost led them to give me a blood transfusion. I was wheeled to an area where I was helped (this was painful I do remember) to get on to a device where they gave me an MRI. The gas pain was excrucitating. Pushing the pain button helped me not know my whereabouts and I was again able to sleep. Liquid clearance finally occurred. The Ice chips were devine. I wish my own icemaker could replicate the texture size and utter deliciousness. The next day, I was encouraged to walk a bit. I was shocked at how much this hurt. I am an excerciser, an avid walker who does a 15 minute mile, walks 3 miles at a shot and dosent get winded. A kind male nurse unhooked my iv and we strolled a short distance before I was totally winded. I asked the staff if I could have a recliner rather than a bed which really helped me. I am a Left side sleeper. The habit was much easier to break using the recliner.Last night was my first night in a bed and I had to pack my left side with pillows so that I didn't roll on to it.
The blood complications led me to a 3 day stay in the hospital. I was glad to have the caring, wonderful staff take care of me however, everyone knows that you can't really sleep in a hospital. The constant monitoring of vitals and required blood testing and the fact that they don't turn off lights interfered with sleep. I did bring an eye mask, a cosmetic incentive which is pink and black and has "Beautication in progress" written across it. It was a fine look that went well with my CPAP! I do remember them bringing me liquids. I was encouraged to use an incentive spirometer. I still can't figure why you can't use a straw but they want you to suck on this thing---My attempts were miserable, not even coming to 1/4 of what was my goal. I was finally released. My neighbor brought me home and again, I chose to recover in the recliner. I have used very little pain medication, suffered no nausea but BIG time gas!! I burped alot but the real release we all know about. I do a happy dance when I cut one! I do have constipation and what was recommended was MIRALAX which I'll be picking up today. Today will be my first outing since surgery. I feel somewhat good. Pain around the ribs and tiring easily I'll make it a short outing.

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  1. bhoffman57's Avatar
    Congrats to you. I go in Wednesday and is is good to know what to expect. Feel better.
  2. Maia0628's Avatar
    glad to hear all is well, keep "cutting them"
  3. flipflopgirl's Avatar
    Glad you are feeling better!!!!! It gets easier each day!!!! Best of luck to you on your recovery and success!!!!
  4. livingonaprayer's Avatar
    Your story was great and you even made me chuckle at the end! It reminded me a little of my surgery. No ice chips......they gave me a little sponge on a stick to put in a little glass of water with ice! There was other stuff going on but I'll spare you the details. However, I did NOT sleep. I dozed every now and then. Couldn't wait to just go home! Glad you are doing well. Each day you'll improve more and more. Keep going on your journey and looking forward to more stories that I can chuckle to!