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One Year, 90 Pounds gone!

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ID:	9511 as it has been a year, on January 30th, I have been a little busy and not on here much, but I have lost 90 pounds, and would still like to loose more, my boobs are still HUGE, went from a 44DDD, to a 38G, and my stomach is very loose, I am in size 9 pants (was in 22 before), my next things on my list is a tummy tuck or something of that nature to rid me of all my skin, and a breast reduction/lift, all in all I am happy with the results, and would do this over if I could, still want to make it to my 100 pounds, my weightloss has been very slow, but I also dont exercise much, :/ I eat way better, just... dont move as much as I should I go bike riding and walking sometimes, but not 4 or 5 times a week thats for sure. Thanks for everyones support! : )

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  1. Maia0628's Avatar
    Wow you look amazing congrats!!!! I am sure you will easily get that last 10 pounds!
  2. Beachtammy's Avatar
    Awesome job! Congratulations!
  3. SpiceOfLife's Avatar
    Wow!!! You go girl! You look fabulous and have so much to be proud of :-)
  4. teresaloves2trvl's Avatar
    That before pic looks like the mom and the second one looks like the daughter. In other words, you look like a teenager now!
  5. txbluebonnet's Avatar
    You look wonderful and so young. Congrats!
  6. Bilby's Avatar
    Congrats Tori ... Fantastic achievement!!!!
  7. conrow1994's Avatar
    You look so young!Excellent weight loss
  8. Blan's Avatar
    Wow, you look not only 90 pounds lighter but also 20 years younger! Adorable!
  9. tmclenn's Avatar
    Wow, your photo is amazing!! Congrats
  10. Maximus's Avatar
    Great job. You look amazing. Congratulations!!
  11. lakegirl's Avatar
    Looking great- congrats on your loss. Ditto- you look so much younger now. lol.