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Weight still coming off and i feel great!!!!!!!!

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Hi everyone i went to mexico in may to have the sleeve DR. ALMANZA it was great i was 412lbs im 287.5lbs the weight has slowed up but it still coming off god is good and if anyone out there have any questions please feel free to ask me anything i would love to tell u all about it and i will do it again if i had to.If yoor thinking of having the sleeve GO FOR IT!!!!!!!

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  1. SoNotABarbie's Avatar
    So happy for you hon..........i think im at a stall.....i was losing about a 2lbs a week then it stopped..I think from the insulin but who knows
  2. Justwander's Avatar
    Shawanne- congrats to you. you look fantastic! Keep up the great work.
  3. Scoobie61's Avatar
    Thank you for sharing Shawanne. I am 4 days before surgery and wondering if I can do it. You are a great inspiration. God Bless and continued success.
  4. flipflopgirl's Avatar
    Awesome!!!! Good for you!!!! Keep working it girl!!!!!
  5. kaylaharderson@yahoo.com's Avatar
    Im nervous it may be a scam are u sure it for real i already paid my $500 i hope its the real dill...and how did u fill after i have three babys one is only 12 weeks can ieven pick them up after..and did u pay for it all at once...
  6. aquilazion's Avatar
    Good for you, I too had Dr. Almanza , At first I was afraid to go to mexico by myself and wasn't sure if this was for real, thank God it's the real deal and all went well. God bless you.
  7. Elyne's Avatar
    you look awesome
  8. the new mimi's Avatar
    what causes stalls. someone told me that if i dont get enough calories that my body will go into starvation mode and I will stop losing..