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Getting an At Home Sleep Study next week!

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I had to get a sleep study done this week at the sleep lab, which I couldnt' sleep very long for....Hmmm....maybe because of all of the wires, etc hooked up to me and the video camera taping my every move!!! So, since the doc could not get enough meaningful info from that test, I have to get a home sleep study done on Monday night. Has anyone had one of these done, and is it easier to sleep with than the kind you get hooked up to in a hospital?

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  1. ErinSheehy's Avatar
    I did mine on Monday. It wasnt too bad. It's like a snap back baseball cap without the top and a big hunk of plastic in front above your eyebrows and a nasal tube. It was surprisingly comfortable, I fell asleep no problem, but did wake up a few times to adjust the nasal tube.
  2. Akrizty's Avatar
    I had my done at the sleep study clinic....I can't say it was comfortable but I tried to stay on my back for a bit but I kept waking up. So I tried for a while finally I just turned on my side and was able to sleep for a bit longer. They got what they needed so that was good. I hope since your at home you'll be more comfortable...Good Luck!
  3. Ranchmann's Avatar
    My sleep lab test was the worst night of my life and a buddy did one at home and was a breeze he said. Not all of the stuff on you like the lab. Good luck. By the way, it took some getting use to but my life is so much better with sleep now . Did mine in October 12
  4. nikki_g's Avatar
    Thanks everyone for your feedback!! :-)