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Sleep Apnea....the new co-morbidity!

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So here I am ending my 2nd month of supervised weight loss for insurance purposes. My doctor recommended I have a sleep study because of my symptoms and hubbies complaints of kicking me because I "stop breathing" at night. My insurance pays for the in home sleep study, so I did it. I got a call yesterday that I have "severe" sleep apnea. The nurse says to me not to worry, I am trying to get the weight off which will help with the problem, but I will need a CPAP machine.

Where I started this sleeve journey with just OA of my knees now I have my second co-morbidity to add to my case of insurance approval. I did not lose any weight my first 2 months in fact I gained 6 lbs over that time. Now I need to get very serious and try to at least get the 6 off I gained. I am not afraid of the sleep apnea, I just don't want to sleep with anything attached to my face at night! The in home sleep study cause me not to sleep well anyway, having to wake up to keep adjusting the nasal prongs (or maybe I woke up because I stopped breathing ), so having something on my face at night will drive me crazy.

Oh well, more reason to get the surgery done....I can see the path the weight is leading me down, it is definitely time to make a change!

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  1. shrinkinggirl's Avatar
    I also used a CPap for about a year as I was preping for surgery- it changed my LIFE! Once I got used to it, I realized how little I was sleeping before and how sick and exhausted my body was- the CPap turned everything around- it helped the weight come off faster because I wasn't tired any more and was able to do SO many more things! Keep the faith, you adjust and it gets WAY better- also, my BF was SO happy because I stopped snoring completely! At 6 months post-op I no longer need it- no more apnea, no more snoring, no more CPap!
  2. dbarnes7's Avatar
    I have been sleeping with a CPAP for about 10 years now and I can say, you do get used to wearing something on your face. It took going through several different kinds of mask's before I finally found one that I like. I don't know that I will ever be able to sleep without it, even if I lose the 100 pounds that I'm shooting for. My sister had WLS and lost over 100 pounds so she stopped wearing her CPAP. She started feeling lousy and her doctor did another sleep test and said she still had sleep apnea and still needed the CPAP. So I dont know if I will get off of it or not. I actually dont mind the CPAP, I just hate when I have to travel with it. Airports search it like its an explosive.
  3. Barbsm's Avatar
    I have had a CPAP for 5 years. I am hoping that as I lose weight I will be able to get off of it, but so far it's not happening. (I checked with my bf the other night, and sue enough he said I can still rattle the windows if I don't have it on). But you do get used to it, and it does make you feel better when you use it. You need all your strength right now as you get ready to be successful with your sleeve, and the great things that will be happening for you will cancel out the little irritating stuff like wearing the CPAP for a while. Hang in there!
  4. nikki_g's Avatar
    Im right there with ya....I had my sleep study done this past Sunday night which turned out to be an epic FAIL! I usually never ever have trouble sleeping anywhere, but I couldnt sleep well at all the night of the test with all of the crap they hook you up with. I will be doing the home study tomorrow night. I never knew I had any sleep issues other than I know I do occasionally snore, but even in the short time I did sleep during my test, I was told I did stop breathing and had several pauses too....So....I have a feeling I will be needing the CPAP too...My surgery will be some time in April I believe and I hope that with weight loss the CPAP machine will only be temporary.....Good luck with your journey!
  5. DaleLanc's Avatar
    Getting my cPap was the best thing I did for myself pre-op! Yes, it's a PITA to have a mask on, but the benefits far out weigh PITA. And, keep trying different masks. It wasn't until my third mask (in 10 months) that I found one that didn't cause discomfort in my nostrils. I typically am "out" in less than five minutes. Best sleeping!