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New Before and After Photo

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As I posted a couple of weeks ago, I hit Goal in less than one year. I started my weight loss journey at 475 lbs and now weigh in at less than 250 lbs (results are not typical).

I wanted to show you the new ME! If you havent' been sleeved, this works but it is only a tool. I have a simple way for you to be successful
a) you want to change
b) Follow your doctors orders to the T
c) get outside support from others who have gone through this
d) Follow your Doctors orders to the T

yes I know I repeated one twice, but I have watched too many fellow sleevers do things they aren't suppose to be doing.

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  1. Shelley Boo's Avatar
    Wow you look awesome Jim. Congrats on the new you. You look amazing
  2. Big Bear's Avatar
    That is Absolutely amazing!! Congratulatons!!!! You are an inspiration! I pray i do as well as you!! Again Congratulions!!!!!!
  3. Miss Jay's Avatar
    Congrats Jim, Thanks for sharing!! You look Awesome, keep doing what you are doing, hope I can be like you, when I am Sleeved, Thanks............Miss Jay
  4. Lucy61's Avatar
    Fantastic! What an awesome transformation - Congratulations your hard work has paid off
  5. Justwander's Avatar
    Wow! You look incredible. And you must feel like a million dollars. I appreciate your advice and struggle often to follow it completely. But so far, I've done well.
  6. NoKo's Avatar
    Absolutely fantastic! Congratulations! Even as a stranger, I am totally amazed at what you have achieved.
  7. Melissa222's Avatar
    Wow that's amazing! Good job!
  8. becca72's Avatar
    Awesome job...congrats!
  9. goodwillgirl51's Avatar
    OMG...that is amazing.
  10. Neurorat's Avatar
    Congrats and great advice! You've gotta use it as a tool and follow your diet.
  11. Bilby's Avatar
    Wow ..... What a fantastic achievement.
    Thanks for the tips and the encouragement.
    The pics are amazing!!!
  12. goestogym's Avatar
    Awesome--you're amazing!
  13. MrsBushford's Avatar
    You look like you feel great! Thanks for sharing, I'm 31 days away from surgery and am so inspired for success!! Thanks!
  14. Ohanaloves's Avatar
    What an incredible job you have done changing your life! Congratulations! Keep up the amazing new life!
  15. Namaste's Avatar
    Hey Jim:
    You're a prolific writer. I'm so glad I took the time to read your awesome post. I read somewhere that if you get your head on straight, your ass will follow. It's so true. People like us don't have a body image. At times at 335 lbs, I felt skinny. How could that be. It's only now that I'm addressing the problem that I am beginning to understand the depth of the overeating situation. I'm one week post-surgery. I always knew that I kind of had a incestuous relationship with food. I couldn't wait for people to leave, so I could eat in private. Everything centered around food. Wanna go shopping? Ok, where will we go for lunch? I should mention I was also diagnosed with diabetes. A week before I started the pre-op diet, I called two friends over. I had taken all the stuff out of the cabinets. I had cake mixes galore. Every color of cake frosting, bread mixes, potato chips, taco chips, dip mixes, cookie stuff, etc. No one would've ever guessed I also had diabetes. I must say food was my friend - always at the top of my list of priorities. Now, I'm my priority & it feels strange. Who will I be when I've gotten to goal? The answers will come. I was very thin once for about 3 hours, then started the quick road back up the scales. I hadn't changed anything about how I felt about myself. Now, 62 & happily married, I believe I can grow up finally & let go of the food & begin to know & understand myself better - which is exactly what you're doing. We're all warriors fighting for our right to be happy, joyous & free. We're gonna make it. Best wishes & stay in touch. Awesome job Jim.
    Best, Roberta