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What a difference a year makes!

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This time last year, hubby and I were sitting at dinner in SD. He had a regular meal and I ordered veggie soup w/o the veggies. The waiter was confused and the manager refused to let me pay for broth. LOL! (Did I mention that we almost missed our connecting flight to SD due to a tornado in the area of our local airport? )

After dinner, we relaxed in the hot tub, in the below average weather but enjoyed it. The next morning, I woke up way too early and was ready to leave for the airport 3 hours early. We got there and waited for what seemed like forever. (For details on my experience, see my blogs from last February.)

The rest is history, along with the 101 pounds that I have lost so far. I have not taken any blood pressure meds or glucophage xr since that night in SD. I gave my CPAP to my dad. The only meds that I take on a regular basis are for allergies and reflux.

I still have my gallbladder; am no longer insulin resistant, and all of blood work is perfect! I cannot be happier or healthier!

It hasn't been a breeze but it has been worth it. I was luckier than some in not needing any pain meds since the first night. I have not had any complications...I don't count slimmies as complications. I count those as a learning lesson. While it's not a complication, more like a side effect, I have lost over half of my hair but I started out with a ton of it. That lasted months 2 - 8 and has started regrowing. Only very few people even realize that I have lost any.

Since August, I have taken 2 rounds of Prednisone for allergies and 6 steroid shots for a shoulder injury. Pre-op, I would have gained 40-60 pounds with either of those. Post-op, I haven't lost any more weight BUT I have also not gained any. I count that as a HUGE win.

If you are considering having the sleeve, I highly recommend it. It's not a cure, it's a tool that if you use properly, you can achieve great results. You MUST educate yourself. Don't rely on your doc and others to tell you everything that you need to know. Research is your friend.

BTW, I'm not perfect, I don't exercise like I should and I do cheat at times. However, I never over do it.

This site has been a tremendous help for me and I am thankful for everyone's support. Ya'll have been wonderful!

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  1. N2DVN's Avatar
    Forgot to mention that my BMI is down from 42.6 to 28.1! I haven't done my inches loss lately. The last time that I did that was in October and the total was 55 1/2". Even though I am not losing weight, my clothes are getting baggy and I feel like I've lost more inches.
  2. workinprogress40's Avatar
  3. ACE's Avatar
    Congratulations that is fantastic!!!
  4. aclabombard13's Avatar
    Congrats! What a wonderful tool and amazing journey this is when done right
  5. Msvetrn's Avatar
    You're the BOMB, Girl!!!
  6. Momto4sons's Avatar
    Awesome congrats
  7. AngelNP's Avatar
    N2DVN thank you for being the originator of the Mexico Trip Tips. I've added onto it, but I'm not sure if you realize how many people you have blessed because if it! My sister sent it me back in September 2012 and I've paid it forward. You are a ROCK STAR! (as my hands raise up and bow down). Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration!
  8. niamh's Avatar
    Amazing progress in a year - thanks for sharing to keep up the inspiration for others!
  9. Bilby's Avatar
    Great inspiration and story .... Thank you!!!