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  1. Bonjour Simonne,
    you are so nice!!
    I'm currently finishing a paper and have a deadline but will look into it tonight or tomorrow!
    take care!
  2. When you have time, could you take a look for me here?
    It is a question that has been on my mind for some time now.
    Finding an answer proves to be difficult and I would very much appreciate you looking into it.
    I value your opinion very much!
  3. Hey Simonne,

    Right now I'm in France so my insurance will only cover surgery in France. If we get a job overseas in September, our insurance will cover us in the next country (and even a few countries around, depends on the medical situation where we are). But they wouldn't cover me in Taiwan since we left the job in 2017 and are back in Paris since. Unless we go back to Asia for the new job, but I don't think so.

    Anyway...at that point, I'm looking at all my options, and hubby thinks I should take a one year leave from work (when my medical leave is finished in August) and just deal with my health so he would be the only one working overseas from September, I would have time to travel and get my surgery from Taiwan if needed (if I can't find someone skilled in Paris).
    The stomach repair after a sleeve is a complicated surgery and it seems most surgeons chicken out.
    My doctor in Taiwan is a really good one, so all things considered, I prefer to wait a few more months and get excellent care instead of just average. Even if I have to pay it all from my pocket.

    I'm in pain since November, it did get better but the pain is still here, just not as sharp as November (lucky!!).

    My health has been so complicated since October and I was hoping to see a "back to normal" pretty soon...seems it's not for tomorrow..but I'm optimistic, I know I will find a way! I will see the new surgeon in May in Paris and will decide from there..

    Thank you for your support my friend!!
  4. O my goodness...
    I cannot begin to comprehend how p*sssed and disappointed you must feel!
    He is clearly out of his ....ing mind!
    But then again, he IS French, n'est pas?

    Overseas to were?
    I mean, technically speaking, you are overseas right now...
    Were would you have to move to?

    Don't you have insurance from the company you or your hubby work for?
    This clearly is a medical issue, not?

    Are you in much pain right now?
    Can you wait much longer?

    I'll pray for you that things will improve anytime soon now!
  5. The visit with the bariatric surgeon didn't go well to say the least. He was supposed to do the surgery next month, refused for no reason, was just awful, said July and not before (at first he said September), and he was pushing for a bypass when I said since day one I didn't want to trigger my IBS. My guess is that he doesn't do those repairs often, is scared of failing...but that's no reason to be awful...

    So....I was really upset after that consult, have an appointment with an other surgeon in an other Parisian hospital on 22 May, but in the mean time asked my surgeon in Taiwan if he would do the surgery to repair my stomach. He said yes.

    So that's an option I'm considering (even if it would be 100% out of pocket). We will know also in May what's happening on the job situation (if we go overseas or not) I will probably decide what to do when we get all cards in hand.

    This never ending story is getting really really annoying...most French doctors are awful, and since I'm in pain since November, I must say I'm losing patience and losing my cool too!! Argh!!! I can't wait to move!!
  6. Hi Sandra,
    Everything okay?
    Do you have a date for your surgery yet?
  7. May sounds good!
    Let's do that!
  8. For the "virus" I took probiotic twice, I hope it will do the trick. Really weird that my reflux is back suddenly for no reason! I'm not really feeling sick but just nauseous, which happen when the reflux is bad.

    So today was not a "no snack day" since I had to have mini meals...but I will restart very soon. and still watching more my carbs to help with reflux too.

    My gastric surgeon wanted to repair my stomach in January, but since my asthma came back even stronger after my week of tests at the hospital, we had to wait for the asthma to be gone. Then looking at the results of my tests, he told me (like the other specialist in auto immune diseases) that after talking to all the other specialists about my case, it was better to first stop the anemia, so have the gyn surgery first.

    I even asked if doing both surgery at the same time was possible, but apparently it was too much time under.
    On April 1st I've got my green light from my gyn surgeon to continue with (finally!!!) the stomach repair.

    Since the asthma has been gone since mid February, I'm less in pain in that area (each asthma attack made the hernia slide, and the staples are touching a nerve on the hiatus, from what the radiologist said to explain my pain) but the reflux took also months to settle....and it's been really better for only two weeks.

    Anyway!! I see the bariatric surgeon next week, and I should have a firm date for the surgery confirmed that day. We discussed mid May..we'll see what happen!
  9. I will keep my fingers crossed that it will be "just" a virus!
    Actually, I think it is, those things are really contagious.
    I am glad your lungs are doing better and I sure hope that surgeon will do the repairs that need to be done very, very soon!
    Any chance on that?
    You have waited long enough now!

    Keep me posted, if you will, also on the "no snacking, still getting enough calories and stay in moderate carb range" thing?
  10. I tried 3 days with no snacks and I will continue that as soon as my stomach let me because it was really a big improvement with my hypoglycemia. I will just need to figure out how to increase my calories and stay in my "moderate low carb range"..

    Since last night and the courgette disaster, reflux is awful.

    But my husband told me he was also not well last night, and apparently several colleagues around him have severe gastroenteritis and didn't show up at work! may be my weird veggie story is finally only a virus!

    I hope!! because I'm at my maximum dosage for the PPI since last night and anti acid (tums) don't help either ! if it's a virus I will find a way to control it. But I can't do much to help with my painful sliding hiatal hernia...the only positive thing after five month of dealing with that hernia, my lungs did adapt to the "alien" and my breathing is almost normal...
  11. O?
    That is weird...
    Those veggies I mean.
    I do hope that your surgeon can tell you more on what is going on.

    I skipped one snack in the morning and I just drink my prote´ne shake as a snack between breakfast and lunch.
    And I skipped my 9.00 pm snack.
    Instead I eat half an orange as "dessert".
    But from lunch until dinner I start to graze, I want something to eat around 4 pm.
    And also without my mid day snacks I don't get enough calories in.
    But I don't like the grazing though.
    Could be an old habit coming back...
  12. Hi Simonne!

    My experiment to stop the snacks and lower my carb intake to stabilize the hypoglycemia is not going that well.
    I did feel that no snack really did help me and my blood sugar was much better.

    But for mysterious reasons veggies are currently making me sick several days in a row! wondering if after all my stomach is really better, I might continue with my snack until I see my surgeon on Thursday.
    Plus I did track and was under 1200 cal for those two daysl...no good...and no weight loss indeed!

    Argh!! can't wait for my surgery!! and after I will stop the snacks for sure!
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