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  1. I'm soo glad you've found a solution and are doing better now!

    So far I haven't had any of the super emotions I was warned were possible; I'm 1 month post op and hoping my hormones stay calm. Lol
  2. I finally decided to take the birth control pills straight thru and not have any periods for awhile. this has helped me tremendously! More of an even keel. I was so emotional, my worst PMS the majority of the time. now I just kind of go thru life like a semi normal person. my friends aren't ready to hurt me anymore.
  3. Hi Lanette... You posted this "any idea on when the hormones being released from the fat will settle down? the regular ones are plenty. I am down 80lbs, not complaining about any of that. about half way to goal. will this continue until I am at maintanence stage?" a while back... I'm curious, how are your hormones doing now?

    How 'out of whack' were you feeling then, and how are you now? I'm VERY curious about this particularly and I have not found much information.
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