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  1. Morning, actually I do still feel restriction depending on the types of food that I consume. Protein still makes me fuller faster, but "junk" which I sometimes fall back into the habit of eating, goes down way too easily. I am careful about types of food that I consume on a daily basis and am still pretty rigid, however; the weekends do me in sometimes and I find myself losing the 3-6 pounds that I continually gain when I'm not so careful about planning foods. I will weight myself daily to maintain my accountability and that seems to help. Maintenance is no picnic, but it's worth it and I just try to take it one day at a time. Old habits will do any of us at any time and the winter in NJ doesn't help at all.

    Continued success!
  2. hi! so your almost 7 years out?! That's great! I'm 3 years out. I lost too much weight but now I'm at my goal weight and am just hanging around here. I'm curious, do you still have restriction from your sleeve? I do for eating amounts but I have no issues with eating or drinking anything. I have to be careful not to fall back to old habits.
    Hope your doing well!
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