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  1. So happy for you! Start slow in the exercise, you've been through so much. Are you on Facebook? I'm Sharon Dahlen Baer. I think we're pretty booked for summer with Africa most of August, but I'd love to come out there sometime. Or sraebaer@gmail.com

    You sure have a come back to life story! Are you suing the doctor in Mexico, or would that be a worthless cause? Just to get back your medical expenses!!
  2. Hi Sraebaer, I’m pleased to report I’m doing a lot better. I’m eating by mouth and starting to be able to take over half my meds by mouth too. Trying to use up my liquid meds. As soon has I use them up I’m gong to try to take all my meds by mouth. I think I will be able to get rid of my tube in the next month maybe two. The doctor wants to make sure once removed I will do good on my own. I’m exercising again. Working on my distance and walking up hills so I can get back to hiking and backpacking and handle distance and elevation. Will start weight training next week. I’ve been doing upper body. Can’t believe how far I’ve come. Can’t wait to go backpacking and have some hikes planned next week. Been out working in the yard, trying to get it back in shape. Can’t believe I’m finally back to the land of the living and feel So close to having this behind me. Maybe we can actually do an adventure this Summmer. My cell is (360)601-7351 e-mail tleaa@comcast.net Hope your having a good spring
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