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  1. How lovely of you to say so! I'm fortunate (in a weird way) that I have had multiple cancers & chemo, so balding/hair loss is not new. Just still a surprise that I am vain! This time it jumped ship on the crown and front, so I just took the scissors to it in the bathroom and cut it down to an inch. I look a bit like a transvestite monk, IMHO!

    I had a couple of wigs in gray from last "fall out". I watched PattiesPearls YouTube on how to cut and style yourself. And I have a new one (curlier as my natural hair is/was) so I'm kind of tickled to see how that looks.

    My oldest girl was here this week overnight, and she rather liked my sparse hair -- but then again, she's seen me with none at all. I do have a lovely shaped head!

    I had a difficult time with the vitamins -- found gummy ones! I added biotin (gummies) and I've done well on the protein, all of my bariatric labs are normal, and I am so grateful that it has always come back. If not, wigs. Or maybe a tattoo on my head -- I've got 2 elsewhere, so maybe?
    Again, thank you for your kindness
  2. Hey Annie - I just read that you said something about a lot of hair loss suddenly - I am so sorry for that. I experienced that as well a few years ago when I started taking a medication that hair loss was a major side effect of. I was lucky because it eventually stopped.

    I did want to tell you, if it is any consolation, that before I read that, I had noticed your picture and though how cute your hair was with that new style! I am going to treat myself to a new and shorter haircut after I get through the surgery, so I noticed how cute it looked immediately. If it's a wig, you are rocking it!
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