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  1. Sounds great!
    I am looking forward to your 1,5 year update!
  2. Yes, it has been a while!! I am just SOOO busy and active anymore, I just don't write as much. Coming up on my 18 month mark soon. Everything is still rockin'. My weight has pretty much stabilized now and it can vary 2 to 5 pounds one way or the other, but I am so comfortable now, I just keep rolling along. Really getting back into weight lifting and that may be why my weight has just kind of stopped right there. Putting on a lot of muscle.

    Hope this message finds you well! I still read all the posts daily, sometimes twice a day for my inspiration. I will post a 1 1/2 year update in a couple weeks. Stay well!!
  3. How are you doing?
    Long time no see.
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