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  1. Yay you are home! Glad to hear that things went well. I did get an appointment the last Monday of this month with the surgeon, and then they can submit to insurance. I also got a snippy reply from my patient advocate about it. I am going to write a snippy email of my own once all is done, but until then I remain hopeful that I will still be a December sleever. If not, January will be ok. Let us know how you are doing!
  2. Thinking about you today on your SLEEVE day! Hugs
  3. Yes, the Celebrate vitamins have the most of all the things you need. I actually used a magnifying glass and made a spread sheet to figure it all out. My PCP said that even us older/post-menopause gals (I'm speaking for myself) need extra iron after surgery and also anyone of Northern European descent needs to watch their B-12 levels carefully bc with our teeny little tummies we won't absorb enough. My surgery is in 8 days and I'm trying to distract myself by doing research and getting everything ready for Thanksgiving. Nervous, too, but ready for my new chapter.
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