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  1. Yayyyyyyyyyy, you did it :-)
    Sleeping in hospital sucks! Keep us updated xxxx
  2. Your son will be an hour behind me :-) Try to get some sleep, and update when you can xx
  3. Day 5 was the day I felt I turned the corner. Your son won't notice. Pop a bit of extra blush on your cheeks :-) You might be on your way now, not sure with crazy time differences but lots of love xxx
  4. It's tommorrow right?! Are you packed? Just a quick update, day 6 and i am feeling a million dollars, I'm just going to go for a walk. No more pain relief and I only ever had like 10 mins of nausea, once! Much more energy today. Day 3 and 4 might be a bit blahhhh but remember this is to be expected and very very temporary. Be nice to yourself on those days, rest and naps and love from the hubby. Maybe mention that they might be a little bit tough for you and tell him you appreciate him in advance!(PS. It is not awful, you will just be tired and just worn out from the op, this is normal).
    Tke your pain relief regulary and on time ( this is the nurse in me coming out) you don't want peaks and troughs, you just want it all nice and steady.
    You will do fine with the sipping and you will feel like it is your job, but you will manage it fine. Remember I'm barracking for you and sending lots of love. Please update us and come for lots of support xxxxxx
  5. Good luck girls, I am thinking of you. I feel so much better today, just so you know. You're both going to be fine xxxx
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