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  1. Good luck today! I know you'll do great!

  2. Thank you Michael. The support really helps! How are you feeling now? Are you having any buyers remorse? Hoping not

  3. Hi! I just saw this. I am not the best with these things. That actually really helped. Knowing that someone shares my feelings means we are NORMAL. Yay! So here's the new perspective, we have done all of this work to get here and we can do this absolutely. We are just DAYS away from the life we have dreamed of. My two adult children know and if it helps, have been very supportive. Yours will be too. I don't know about you but I've done everything imaginable for them because I love them so. I am finally doing something for just me about just me and you are too. They will be so proud of you! This is big and we are brave. I have about 140 lbs. to lose so the stakes are high for me. We Can Do This!-on repeat til surgery-deal????
  4. hi!
    I'm starting to get the coldest of cold feet... Any chance you are feeling scared too? I'm worried about being hungry the rest of my life like I am right now on pre-op. Always feeling like I can't have any food and stricture, bowel obstruction and what the future will bring...Any words of wisdom here??? Thanks!
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